the disserto management gmbh has nominated its CRM solution „Beitragsmanagement“ to the WPC2010 Award

For years the health care sector is lacking a large amount of money. And the increased contribution for the health insurance was only a short dated alternative solution. For this reason the health economy has designed more and more instruments to compensate the rising costs. The following known measures in the market are the doctors visit fee, the electronic health insurance card, fund of health care or the announcement/invitation of discount contracts for generic pharmaceutical industry. A lot of these measures mean a high organizational effort for the statutory health insurances. They often require modern technology. But as well there is often no health insurance of financial and human resources capacity to implement the requirements promptly. Further on the statutory health insurances do not have enough members to put high investigations into practice.

spectrum|k as a modern, expert and competent service provider for the statutory health insurances early recognized the need to raise an additional contribution. With the knowledge of the market situation as well as the represented companies they knew the components of a functional working contribution management which was able to live up to expectations. For this they needed a competent partner with the necessary technical know-how and expertise to meet this challenge. The disserto management gmbh with its networking capabilities and expertise in the health care market had the ability to provide reliability in the execution of all plans.

The disserto|beitragsmanagement was thus developed as a special solution for statutory health insurances.

They were able to enlarge their portfolio with a contribution management with focus on their individual member size. Accompanied by political proceedings, changed financial situations in the entire market environment, the good integration of the solution in the existing it-landscape and the flawless working software the solution turned an enormous acceptance to the market. Due to the forward-looking development and consideration of various scenarios the integration of customer demands was totally unproblematic. Therefore it was soon possible to speak about a general-purpose solution because the disserto|beitragsmanagement became a solution for a wider market with specifications outside of the healthcare area.